Hello, and welcome to my site. I hope you'll stick around for awhile and enjoy viewing my images.

I have been involved off and on with photography since the early 1970s having shot weddings, portraiture, wildlife, scenic and candid events. Over the course of time I dabbled in different formats (35mm - 6X7cm), had some studio lights and a fully furnished darkroom to do black and white film processing (never did any color processing). As life went on, other things became priorities and I laid photography aside and sold my equipment. In 2013, I retired and decided I needed to get passionate about photography once again just to keep busy and stay out of trouble. In 2014, I decided to start photographing local, live music events due to my own love of music. At first my goal was simply to document the incredible talent in my immediate geographical area shooting everything from open jams to band performances. From the very beginning though my style was more portrait oriented than documentary. So I made it my goal to create more of a portrait feel and look in my photos as opposed to documentary photography. Hopefully, I have achieved my goal in the photos shared on the site.

The images on the site are candid photos, taken at various venues, shot under all types of lighting situations. Most of the venues I shoot in are very small and very dark with no stage lighting. They are not shot in a studio as I no longer have an in house studio. I attempt to make a studio in the environment of the venue I find myself in. I usually do need to incorporate the use of a speedlight (flash) to get sufficient light and the look I am hoping to achieve. I do this of course with the permission of the band and the venue. Some day, I do hope to shoot in larger venues without any need to provide additional light into the photo.

I do hope you enjoy the images as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you.